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7/6/2013 Video - In the Spotlight: John Dowd at Southwick by Racer X
7/6/2013 Video - The Moto Life: Riders, Fans Reflect on the Legacy of Southwick - by Allisports
6/28/2013 The List: Dowd's Best by Racer X
8/12/2012 Dowd Earns Enough Points to Keep his AMA Pro Motocross National Number of 16 for Another Year at Southwick!
11/8/2011 Video - Step by Step - Sand Riding with John Dowd by Alli-Moto
9/2/2011 Video - Privateer Profile - John Dowd
8/30/2011 450 Words: Chatting with John Dowd by Racer X
6/29/2011 John Dowd to Race Red Bud and Millville Outdoor Nationals
4/3/2011 Excuse Our Roost
8/28/2010 Scorpian Dowdy Prelli Helmet Giveaway Photos
8/27/2010 Pirelli Tire North America - 2010 Dowd-Regal Helmet Giveaway
5/19/2010 John Dowd Motocross Schools - Get Instruction from a Pro!
5/14/2010 Dowd To Race for Abbott
9/3/2009 John Dowd Podiums on Pirelli Tires
10/23/2008 MXPTV Interviews John Dowd
8/29/2008 Dowd Pulls Off a Sixth Overall at the Wick with Pirelli at age 42!
7/14/2007 Dowd Announces He Will Race The 2007 AMA/Maxxis National EnduroCross Series
6/8/2007 DCS Financial Group Signs John Dowd
1/26/2007 John "Junkyard Dog" Dowd To Race BooKoo U.S. Open Of Arenacross
9/26/2006 John Dowd Between the Motos by Racer X
6/21/2006 Maxxis EnduroCross Sponsors John Dowd At The GNCC Wisp
6/3/2006 The "Junk Yard Dog" will be on Canadian Motocross Radio
5/16/2006 John Dowd Returns to Race the 2006 Maxxis EnduroCross
11/18/2005 Thunder Valley Sponsors John Dowd at the EnduroCross
10/22/2005 MX Legend John “Junkyard” Dowd To Race AMA National Arenacross Series Opener In Albany
9/9/2005 CW Construction sponsors Dowd for Glen Helen
9/2/2005 Mototalk to sponsor Dowd at Steel City
8/30/2005 John Dowd to Race Maxxis EnduroCross
8/23/2005 Fans sponsor John Dowd for Steel City National!
8/19/2005 Lobisser Building Corp. Sponsors Dowd for Broome-Tioga
8/11/2005 Carmichael sponsors Dowd for Millville
7/13/2005 Racer X Makes Availible John Dowd Stickers for Unadilla
3/11/2005 Dowdy to Ride the RMZ250 at Daytona
2/20/2005 Junk Yard Dog (John Dowd) is Back for the 2005 AMA Outdoor Nationals & More!
11/4/2004 John Dowd Joins the PPG/MotoworldRacing.com Suzuki Arenacross Team
7/4/2004 Dowdy Set for a Victory Charge in the Canadian Nationals
5/28/2004 Dowdy is Officially Heading North for the Summer - The Canadian Nationals
11/29/2003 Dowdy Might Try a RM125 in AX
11/13/2003 John Dowd Makes His Hometown Arenacross Debut
11/7/2003 Dowdy's Doesn't Know What to Expect at Arenacross Round #1
9/27/2003 What Will John Dowd Ride - Suzuki Press Release
8/19/2003 John Dowd Talks About His 2004 Plans - Audio
8/18/2003 John Dowd Talks About His Canadian National Experience - Audio
7/7/2003 Catching Up With Dowdy, Red Bud and Southwick Comments - Audio
1/29/2003 JYD 2003 Outdoor National Plans & Etc.
11/26/2002 John Dowd's Off Season
10/5/2002 John Dowd talks about his knee repair, 2003 and more - Audio
8/17/2002 John Dowd Audio Interview at Millville
7/15/2002 Dowdy talks about riding a KTM 250SX at Troy, Ohio - Audio
6/24/2002 Dowdy Catches Up. Budds Creek & 2003
4/17/2002 John Dowd Audio Interview From Pontiac
4/9/2002 Boston Celtics Sponsor John Dowd
3/26/2002 Dowdy Catches Up - Racing, MX Nationals & Missing Bike
2/16/2002 Catching Up With Dowdy and His 125 SX Thoughts
1/21/2002 Dowdy Battles Henry In CT AX and More
1/16/2002 Vintage John Dowd Photos Released
1/4/2002 Christmas at the Dowd's
12/14/2001 The Dowd's Family Christmas
12/6/2001 New Photos of JYD from 2001
11/15/2001 John Dowd Continues Training on His New 2002 KTM 125
11/1/2001 It's Official! John Dowd Signs With KTM
9/28/2001 JYD Plans For 2002
8/8/2001 JYD Catches Up on E-mail During Off Weekend
8/3/2001 John Dowd Thanks Fans for Their Support E-mail!
7/17/2001 Dowdy's #1 Critic on Unadilla & Next Year!
7/13/2001 Testing Updates from JYD's mechanic
7/11/2001 Dowdy talking about Red Bud
6/28/2001 Dowdy Back On Top
6/13/2001 Southwick Is JYD Territory
6/8/2001 Junk Yard Dog (JYD) review Mt. Morris & more.
6/2/2001 Dowdy Now Has a KTM 125cc in His Possession
5/30/2001 Paul Carpenter Joins John Dowd's KTM Team
5/15/2001 Dowd On His First Race Back
5/10/2001 The Return of John Dowd
4/9/2001 "The Junkyard Dog" Barks
3/30/2001 John Silents the Rumors Again
3/19/2001 John Dowd Catches Up on Numerous E-mails
3/3/2001 John Dowd E-mail Schedule for Responses
3/2/2001 John Dowd to be at Daytona as a Specator
2/18/2001 John Dowd Announces His Year 2001 Clothing Company.
1/28/2001 John Dowd Answers Fans E-Mail through January 12th.
1/28/2001 John Dowd Gives An Update
1/24/2001 John Releases the Official Word! It's KTM in the USA!
1/6/2001 John Dowd Holeshot Award!
1/4/2001 Mrs. Junk Yard Dog (Trish Dowd) Barks!
12/15/2000 John's Recovery Process
12/2/2000 John Dowd Releases Plans For 2001
10/19/2000 John Dowd USSX Follow Up and More
10/5/2000 Yes, John is Racing in 2001, Decision to Come
9/7/2000 Pictures of John Dowd are Wallpaper Compatible!
8/20/2000 John Holeshot Master at Millville
8/3/2000 Good Starts, Bike Breaks Equals Poor Overall
7/26/2000 John's A Victim of Traffic at Troy Ohio
6/18/2000 John's Quick Notes Prior to Budds Creek
6/14/2000 Sickness Gets the Best of John at Southwick 2000
5/28/2000 John Happily Gives Account of his Podium Finish at Mt. Morris, PA
5/27/2000 Training & Happenings Prior to Mt. Morris
5/23/2000 Looking for to Traveling Home
5/17/2000 The Dowd's Getting Back to Massachusetts
5/15/2000 Dowdy Recapps Glen Helen
5/9/2000 John Dowd Getting Closer To Returning
5/7/2000 John Dowd Updates on His Condition
5/1/2000 John Dowd on His Rehab
4/1/2000 Dowd Crashes During Practice Session in California
2/1/2000 John Dowd On the Marti Grad Race

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