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Mrs. Junk Yard Dog (Trish Dowd) Barks!


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Hey Johnís fans. John has been really busy with rehab and trying to get a sponsor for next year. So I (Trish Dowd) wanted to update his site with a little insight from the other side of racing.


First John has made a decision not to ride the Canadian Nationals. He wants to stay in the US and compete. He feels he still can be a major force in the ranks and still has the drive to bang bars with the best.


I also wanted to tell you about our holidays. You might ask me, what does a wife a motocross racer get her sweet heart for Christmas? Well when you have two kids, Christmas is really for them, but I did get him some cool underwear. John did comment that He was relieved that he did not have to think about where He was going to race after New Years. But in the same breath He really is going to miss it. It was nice to see our family and friends.


Between Christmas and New Years I got to take the kids sledding. This was a great time for the kids. It was cold out, well for me it was but Ryan and Callie were just fine. Why donít kids get cold? We may never know.


Well back to John, he is going to start training soon. He will be 100% for next season. Thanks for visiting the site.


See ya,


Tricia Dowd


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