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John Dowd to Race Red Bud and Millville Outdoor Nationals




John Dowd is dusting the jersey and pants off and is going racing again. The Junk Yard dog will be leaving the dog pound and heading to Buchanan, MI to race Red Buddddddd on July 2nd, 2011. John will follow that up by racing the July 16th, 2011 outdoor national at Millville, MN where John will be able to put his legendary sand skills to the test.


In 2009 John showed his skills when he finished 3rd overall on his home track of Southwick. John will no doubt be the most experienced rider on the track so encourage him as he goes by on the track!


The Junk Yard Dog will be piloting the #16 Kawasaki and will be working on attaining points to retain that number for another year.


If you see John feel free to stop by and say hi.


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