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Dowdy Catches Up. Budds Creek & 2003


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Well sorry for not updating the site lately for a while and the e-mail.Iíve been going full throttle for a while and canít get caught up on thins! I thought things would slow down in my later years but itís not.I appreciate all the well wishes and support fans have sent via e-mail.Well here is whatís happening.


The local race before the Southwick National I wrenched my knee pretty good.I did not even finish the moto. The knee has been loose and after the crash it swelled up like a grapefruit. After that I just sat on the couch with my leg up and rested prior to the national.


Buds Creek went OK for me but for the first time we were experiencing some bike problems. Second moto with about three laps to go my bike stalled. I kicked and kicked that thing I could not get it started. I knew it was a long time because I saw Carmichael come by about three times. Then a guy from KTM came over and tried to start it. He kicked and kicked that thing and could not fire up that bad boy. By this time I was spent. We pushed the bike back to the rig and put the bike on the stand.Ron, my mechanic jumps on it and one kick later, vroom! Starts right up. The one good thing is that this was the last race on that bike. We will have a new one for Red Bud.


Now for the big news, I will probably have surgery on my other knee after the outdoor season. The surgery is just like the other knee surgery I had about a year ago. This means no supercross for me. I will need the time to rest a recover. I think this will be good for me because last Supercross season was not very fun and right now I am 6th in the points and Iím enjoying the outdoors. So look for me first in 2003 at Glen Helen.


Thanks for visiting my site and look for more updates after Red Bud.




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