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John Dowd's Off Season


Recapped By: Doug Hein


John Dowd after the 2002 campaign took some time off to finish his new house. “I made it a priority, or my wife made it a priority.” John is now in the final stages of the project.  “I am painting and staining right now and getting ready to move in.”  We wish the Dowd’s the best in their new home.


The 2003 season is fast approaching and John is looking forward to getting back on the bike. Although his plans do not include the Supercross season, it does include the outdoors once again. His team has John on the 450 and Keith Johnson also on the big thumper. “Will be running out of the same rig unless we get a couple of bigger sponsors in and then we can get a larger rig and 1 – 2 125 riders.”


VRM also asked the question about his knee surgery. “Well I decided to not have the surgery. I will be training harder to get in better physical shape and I hope the knee will hold out.”


“Thanks for visiting my site and check back soon.”


John Dowd


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