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John Dowd Gives An Update


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Hello Fans,


Bye now you have seen my new ride for 2001. Yes it is KTM. I am very happy to be associated with KTM and I am looking forward to racing again. Speaking of racing, I watched the second Anaheim race and it is a different aspect watching it on TV rather than being there and competing. My views on the 2001 Supercross season is that it is cool that McGrath is still (at his age) still out there being amazing and competing at his level. The itch comes back when I hear that roar of the engines and see that gate drop I want to race. But then on the other hand I am enjoying the winter.


My rehab is going great! I am at about 50% right now. I went up a couple of steps and had some pain. My therapist is working extremely close with me to keep on the right track. We are starting to work on strength now and it is about time.


One last thing is that at the Indy trade show I will be displaying my new riding gear. At this time I cannot tell you who it is but it is some real cool gear. Stay tuned to my web site for more details.


See ya later,


John Dowd


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