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John Dowd to be at Daytona as a Specator


Recapped By: Carl Hein


John Dowd, still recovering from knee surgery will be attending this yearís 2001 Supercross event at Daytona Florida March 10th.This will be Johnís first appearance this year at a Supercross race but it will be different as it will be from a spectatorís point of view.


John has been training hard during rehab not only on his knee but John say ďIím doing a lot more upper body strengthening.I currently work 2 hours a day on this.In prior years I couldnít work my upper body as much because of racing weekly in the Supercross series. ††I plan on beginning my riding training the beginning of April.Iím getting really psyched to ride again.†† Iíll visit a dealership and feel the need to jump on a bike and test the feel of it.Iím really ready to ride.ď


If you see John in Daytona stop by and say hi, as he might be a little more visible with no racing schedule to dictate his time this year.


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