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Dowdy Might Try a RM125 in AX


Recapped By: Bubba Bunders


Dowdy Fans,

I just got done talking today with John Dowd and he is in great spirits. John was just returning from practicing on an Outdoor MX Track near his house. John said, " We have had some decent weather up here in the Northeast, but the ground on my Supercross track froze over night as it got down to 18 degrees, so we decided to get in some riding on a local outdoor style track for practice."

John has been working to adapt his riding style to the tight confines of the indoor Arenacross Tracks. He said he is starting to get used to the tight tracks and the bump and run passing that needs to be done to get to the front. He stated," that the starts are very important in Arenacross because the qualifying races are only like 6 or 7 minutes long. With the short motos you just don't have near as much time as the Outdoor National races that run 30 minutes plus 2 laps to get to the front if you get a poor start."

John has been racing the 2-stroke Suzuki RM 250 in the big bike class and the 4-stroke Suzuki RMZ 250 in the small bike class. He likes the RMZ's power, but has been working hard to get the suspension dialed in as nice as his RM 250 2-strokes. He said he might consider switching to the RM 125 2-stroke because the suspension seems to suit him a little better. One other reason for the possible change to the RM 125 would be that the parts are not interchangeable between the RMZ 250 4-stroke and RM 250 2-stroke because the RMZ is actually manufactured using Kawasaki parts. The RM 125 and RM 250's share the same parts except for the engine making Ron's (his mechanic) job a little easier.

John would like to thank all his fans and sponsors for their continued support. John will next be racing at the Rockford, IL National Arenacross on Dec. 5th and 6th.


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