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The Return of John Dowd


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Itís that time again, to rip off your front break levers and bring emí to the line. My knee is feeling better every day. It feels O.K. when I ride but I still am a little nervous about putting it out all the way in turns. The mourning after I ride it is sore but when I ridden it really dose not bother me. I am getting into riding shape. With this time off I am able to concentrate and get my timing down.


As far as the bike goes it is fantastic. We started off with the settings from Shayne Kingís bike from last year. We felt that this was a good starting point. This bike is fun to ride with its extra horsepower. It is a little heavier than I am used to, but I am exited about racing it. Over the winter I was able to build my upper body more, physically I am in great shape, but only so so riding shape.


I have raced at Southwick a couple of times, got some holeshots and finished well. This gives me more time on the track and makes me that much more smoother.


Check back before the race on Sunday I will try and write one more time after practice and before the race. Remember Fantasycross team managers I am a great bargain!


See Ya,


John Dowd


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