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Dowd On His First Race Back


Recapped By: Doug Hein


My first race is under my belt. I am glad I made it through. Not racing you just donít know how you are going to do. It is different than just riding with your friends or at your local track.


This weekend I really did not have any expectations coming into it because I really didnít know where I was in my training as compared to the field. I wanted to take top ten, which I did, but I was still off the pace of the front-runners. We did learn that we need to stiffen the suspension a ton. Those breaking bumps going down those huge hills are gnarly. The overall was good. I was very happy with the bike. I really liked being in my own rig, there is no pressure, I got to sit and talk to Keith Johnson, who is also from MA. And I had fun. I do know there are things I need to work on, so this week I will be focusing on them.


Next week, Sacramento!




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