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Junk Yard Dog (JYD) review Mt. Morris & more.


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Hi fans, well the Mount Morris race wasnít too bad.The day started out raining in practice and I was digging that.Unfortunately for me the rain subsided for the first moto and the track became a one line grooved track.What that means is that when a track starts to drive out usually there is one fast line and then slop anywhere off of that main line.Last year I won the first moto hear but this year it wasnít meant to be.I rode OK the first moto and was quite satisfied with moto two.I ended up finishing tenth overall for the day.


The bike is still coming together as were still working on suspension settings along with working on obtaining titanium parts to make the bike lighter.After thirty minutes of riding the little extra weight wears on you even though the KTM is very light for itís size.


I would like to thank my sponsor who have help put this team together for me:KTM, PC Worldwide.com, Cernics.com, Scott, Bell, Moose, Alpinestars, Big Gun, etc. and VRM.


Oh year I have a signature helmet coming out with Bell.†† Hopefully I have it this weekend at my home track of Southwick.


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