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Junk Yard Dog (John Dowd) is Back for the 2005 AMA Outdoor Nationals & More!


Recapped By: Carl Hein

Fan favorite, 1998 125cc West Coast Champion and veteran racer John JYD Dowd is back for 2005 in the USA

Fan favorite, 1998 125cc West Coast Champion and veteran racer John JYD Dowd is back for 2005 in the USA. In 2004 John raced the outdoor season north of the border in Canada but for 2005 you can see him most likely for the last time in the USA Outdoor Motocross Nationals.


John is working on putting together a farewell tour in the outdoor nationals to pay tribute back to the fans and all his supporters over the years. In 2005 John Dowd will be 16 going on 40 and looking to run in the top ten, as he is accustomed too through his entire career.


I looking to get back in the US one last time. I look forwards to 2005 as a big challenge since Im turning 40 I still desire to be competitive by finishing in the top 10. I will be riding a Suzuki RMZ450 and I will have my own rig with many of my sponsors which have backed me a long time but as always we always have room for more.


Im looking to start riding prior to Daytona and Orlando Supercross races. I will go south and race Daytona, as its the closest to an outdoor race there is. Then the following week I will race the Orlando Supercross.


Itll be really fun in Orlando because my son will be riding in the KTM challenge there. Hes only seven years old going against older riders but itll be really fun.


Im dont have any big expectations for Supercross except to have fun and use the races as training for the outdoors and gauge my speed and endurance against other riders.


For everyone looking to see the Junk Yard Dog plan to get out to the outdoor nationals as this is likely the last time to see Dowdy in action.


  • VRM Note1 I think I would have my Southwick tickets today if I could as Dowdy is known as a sand specialist and could show his wares on his favorite track on the circuit.
  • VRM Note 2 Many other events are being created and scheduled so watch www.johndowd.com for more information.






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