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Dowdy to Ride the RMZ250 at Daytona


Recapped By: Carl Hein


The ageless one John Dowd is making his 2005 Supercross debut in Daytona Florida as he told many race fans a while ago. John will be racing the 125cc class aboard his Suzuki RMZ250.


John said, Ive been riding a few times down in Florida this past week and looking to use the race to continue to get in shape for the outdoor. I dont really expect a lot because it is a grueling race. I will be riding the RMZ250 as the motos are a little shorter. Im still working the kinks out of my body. Nothing replaces riding.


I will also be in Orlando as itll be special seeing my son race the same night I am.


Watch for John at these races and spot by and say hi. Hell appreciate it.


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