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Dowdy Back On Top


Recapped By: Doug Hein


I have been practicing a ton this last week and it has been HOT! The temperature has been 90 plus degrees and humid. The good side is that this will get me into shape for Red Bud this weekend. The weather will probably be about the same as I have been riding in. I was happy with my endurance at Southwick and follwed that up with a decent race at Budds Creek. This weekend if things go well for me and I finish fifth overall or higher I will be content.


I am supposed to get a new bike after this weekend but I am not sure if I should make the swap. I have been doing well on this bike and I donít want to change a thing when they are function so well. If we do make a switch we'll just slap on the suspension on the new bike and give it a go.


I am really enjoying my new team. My teammate (Paul Carpenter) and I get along good and I am still having fun. I would not want to be back on a big factory team but I must say I do miss the money. The factories have the cash and when on a factory team it is really nice not wondering about how to get to the races and where to stay. Currently I like where I'm at.


One more note, I will be digging the foundation for my house in about a week. I can't wait until it's finished.


If you see me at Red Bud come up to me and tell me what you think of my site and I will be happy to autograph most items.




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