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Racer X Makes Availible John Dowd Stickers for Unadilla




Privateer motocross legend John Dowd is making his last go-around on the AMA 250 National Motocross tour, and Racer X is helping sponsor the soon-to-be-40 veteran at Unadilla this weekend. We kicked in some cash for his farewell tour, as well as printing up 10,000 of these special Dowd 16 stickers. There are two ways to get them:

1.) Go to the Racer X booth at Unadilla and be one of the first 9,000 fans to stop by and pick up your free Dowd 16 sticker.

2.) Be one of the first 1,000 Racer X Online readers to send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Send your SASE to:

Racer X Illustrated
Dept. "Thanks, John!"
122 Vista Del Rio Drive
Morgantown, WV 26508


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