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Testing Updates from JYD's mechanic


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Ron Bushey, John Dowd’s mechanic gives us some insight on what they’re working on!


“We have been working on some new fork setups for the KTM 520SX.  Thanks to Zack at
Factory Connection, things are going really well.  Zack is really dedicated to our KTM project and it is really beginning to show!  With Zack’s aid our bike is continually handling better each race. The KTM 520SX bike has been a completely new experience for all of us.  It is a great bike to start with!  John has adapted well and always talks about how much he loves his KTM.  (Knock-on-wood) It seems like we have all of the bugs worked out and we hope to keep the momentum through the year.  


Lately we have done some testing with Big Gun exhaust and tried one of Mike Young's new ideas with a new 2 into 1 design exhaust system.  It has made the 520 very smooth and rev higher.  Since the change our starts have been incredible (as you could see at Red Bud)!


We any of you are at the races stop by and say hi to our team and mention you visited the web site.


See you at the races.”



Ron Bushey





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