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Dowdy's #1 Critic on Unadilla & Next Year!


Recapped By: Carl Hein


In moto one at Unadilla John got a decent start but the track was treacherous.  There were more rocks out there than in the Flintstones movie.  John sort of got into a groove and finished 8th in the moto.All in all the moto was pretty uneventful.


In the 2nd moto, John pulled a great start but was T-boned by Mike LaRocco in the hill by the mechanics area.The KTM killed in the crash and John couldn't get it started.  On the other hand it probably didn't help that his clutch lever was ripped off when he cart wheeled down the hill.John was finally able to get the bike started and kicked ass putting that 520SX into the 10th position and racing the entire race with no clutch!!  How about that for a never say die attitude!After the get off John was ready to throw some roost on his competition unfortunately he didnít have a clutch.

Looking forwards to next year we're still chatting about the different options.  Johnís not sure about a full SX season at this time.The idea of riding 125 SX is a possibility if the dollars are worth his time.†† John will definitely be back in 2002 in the US Outdoor Nationals but on what bike - who knows, but he likes his 520SX.  Heís going too weigh the options and when he knows heíll post the information on his web site.


Weíll see you at the races,


Trish Dowd


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