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John Dowd Thanks Fans for Their Support E-mail!


Recapped By: Carl Hein


As we all know racing professional motocross takes a lot of time to train, travel, race and etc. each week. Top pro John (JYD Junk Yard Dog) Dowd time requirements are very tight during the season but he wanted his fans to know that hes reading his e-mail and appreciates all the compliments, encouragement and well wishes. John wanted the following excerpt to be printed!

Dear fans and web site visitors,


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all my fans out there (especially the +30 group) and let you all know that I do read your email but I'm just a little behind right now, but I'm slowly catching up (check it out under E-mail responses).  I try to answer most of the email I receive but often fans just offer your support, best wishes to my family and me, and a few words of inspiration.  I want you to know that they do not go unnoticed.  I appreciate every e-mail I receive stating this.  My wife (Trish) prints most of the e-mail for me to read to keep me focused and motivated at times and remind me of how many fans I have out there pulling for me and wishing they were in my place.   I just wanted to give a big thanks and shout out to the following people whose emails, over the past few months, have reminded me of the reasons I still race:

Matt Francis, Vaugn Williams, Scott Wilson, Matt Gormley, Martin Hosteher, Sean Davies, Greg Vore, Scott Mack, Jeff Foshag, James Jones, Karen Haluch-Payne, Mark Kirk, Dave Dayley, Ken Schack and Jeff Ferreira.

Thanks to all for your Well Wishes that keep me going and like I said they dont unnoticed!


See you at the races!

John Dowd


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