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JYD Catches Up on E-mail During Off Weekend


Recapped By: Carl Hein


JYD has put in some serious time in and responded to most of the e-mail fans have sent him over the last few months.  As previously stated some people offered encouragement and support and John sent VRM a list of those individuals to recognize. 


“I would once again like to thank the individuals who keep me going and offer encouragement to me:


John Van, J. Bevins, Bryan Smith, Brad Davis, Dominic Burman, Brian Iverson, Renae Partridge, Bob Hickerson, Brad Goins, Dan Steinke, Jon Klingler, Tim Chell, Casey Wagner, Loren Miller, Kevin Williams, Dave Grieve, Joseph Villa, Buck Gentry, Mike Babcock, Jeff Keen”


Visit John’s personal responses under the e-responses link on his web site.


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