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John Dowd USSX Follow Up and More


Recapped By: Doug Hein


First of all I want to thank all you fans for your supportive e-mails. I try to answer all e-mails but you have to understand I can't answer everyone.


Now this weekend. Let's say it was not one of my better ones. In practice I crashed and twisted my knee, in the qualifier I crashed in the second turn, and in the main I crashed towards the end of the race and hurt my wrist! I can't remember when I crashed so much. It was the end of my Kawasaki ride and I wanted to thank Bruce (Kawasaki's Team Manager) for his support and I want to thank Kawasaki for a great year. I wish the team the best of luck.


As for my ride next year I know there are people saying that they know where I am riding next year, I wish they would tell me because I still don't know. I am close on a couple of things but I have not signed a contract or a letter of intent. So any of the rumors you here are false. I will let you know when I know, so keep checking back!


I have to tell you what happened flying back from Las Vegas. I am sitting here trying to get my car out of the remote parking lot. The attendant must have been her first day on the job because she couldn't bring up a total on what I owed. I sat there for about fifteen minutes before she came up with a total. I did not think I would ever get my car out of hock! But thankfully I got out of there!


Stay tuned my web site for more on my career.


See You,




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