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John Dowd Continues Training on His New 2002 KTM 125


Recapped By: Doug Hein


I just got my 2002 125 KTM today and canít wait to go riding as I am trying to take advantage of the nice weather in Massachutes. It is really nice up here. I'm glad my sponsors are wrapped up for the year and I can get back to what I love to do, RIDE!


People have been asking me about the split between the AMA and CCE. I havenít heard too much information on the subject, so I donít know if it is good or bad. I think that the factories will stick together. Who knows maybe the other series might become the minor league of Pro racing and will give the support teams more exposure and more opportunities to get more sponsors. We will just have to wait and see.


One more thing, how do you like my site? Would you like me to continue with it for next year? What changes would you like to see? Or is everything fine. Please e-mail me and let me know.






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