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John Holeshot Master at Millville


Recapped By: Carl Hein


August 13th, 2000 and Team Kawasaki rider John Dowd shows he still has what it takes to be a successful rider in the outdoor nationals.  John has been struggling with many minor injuries this year, but as they heal his riding has been steadily improving.  John manage a 6th overall in Millville, but rode better than his results.  John was on the outside looking in on a couple of close moto scoring battles.

Moto one started out very well as John was officially second in the holeshot behind teammate Ricky Carmichael.  After turn one John moved in front.  Ricky didn't let that last for long as he passed him later that lap and checked out.  What was amazing was that Kawasaki were running 1,2,3 in the first few laps.  After Larry Ward began to fade the usual top riders were hounding the Junk Yard Dog.   About three fourths of the moto was over when John had to save his energy for the second moto.  He finished sixth but a good moto to say the least.

Moto two began like moto one!  Except John was the official holeshot master.  Ricky Carmichael was second again.  I was standing in the corner of the first turn and during the holeshot John had such a lead you'll notice on TV he turns and looks around him to see who's coming.  The only one there was RC.  John held the lead for the first lap and then began to battle with the likes of LaRocco, Tortelli and the remainder of the points leaders.  John rode a really strong race in moto two!  Albee squeezed in front of him this moto but that was immaterial.  John finished sixth again but just missed fourth overall by a few/couple of points. 

Afterwards John and Jeremy were pleased but are still hoping to keep climbing upward in the overall standings.  John credited Jeremy on getting the bike screaming this week and his job was made that much easier.  Of course these two are looking forward to the next race!



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