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Good Starts, Bike Breaks Equals Poor Overall


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Well things are going better.  In Washougal I had two good starts, FINALLY!  The first moto I was in third for half of the race and then I got a little tired.  My illness effects me a little more than I thought it would and causes me to get a little weak during the later stages of a moto.  I usually do not get tired in the motos and I value my training schedule.  I work hard at keeping my body in tip top shape so this is a little frustrating.  I ended up getting eight place in moto one.

The second moto I was in 6th place and all over Albee. It was fun.  We were dicing it out the whole moto and had a good lead on 7th place prior to my exit from the race.  The the moto gods frowned on me and I lost my crank bearing and had to DNF.  That has been the theme this whole year, bad luck.  Oh well I have a weekend off so I will be training hard and getting ready for one of my favorite tracks, Millville!

 See you there,

John Dowd



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