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John's A Victim of Traffic at Troy Ohio


Recapped By: Carl Hein


For the first time since anyone can remember Troy Ohio's weather was awesome.  Usually it's ninety degrees and very muggy, but not this year.  John's moto one started with an average start in the low teens.  John works his way up into the top ten.  John fought his way past teammate Larry Ward and Suzuki's Damon Huffman.  This put John into eighth place.  This was a decent ride considering he is still battling a flu bug.  In the latter stages of this moto lappers played a major role.  With Larry Ward and Damon Huffman on his tail traffic caused John to be passed by both in the same instance.  This frustrated John but he said "That's Racing".   John finished tenth in moto one.

Moto two saw a different start as after the first lap John was in seventh behind Heath Voss.  Things at this point looked good as Shayne King was in the top five and John routinely beats him.  But as fate would have it, John missed a rut on a 180 turn and Larry Ward and Damon Huffman passed him.  Coupled with Robbie Reynard passing him, this put John back two fifth.  

It looked as if John was out of gas when he reached back and reeled in Damon Huffman.  This was a battle you'll never see on TV. But it was good.  John passed Damon in a right hand turn off a series of jumps.  John dived inside and Damon rode outside.  The next lap saw Damon ahead of John.  In the same set of jumps John set up Damon and using the exact same method as the lap prior John dived under Damon and made the pass.

Well now it's time to get rid off this bug and head to Washougal.



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