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The Dowd's Family Christmas


Recapped By: Doug Hein


John Dowd getting ready for the Supercross season or is that the Holiday season? Either or John is exited for both. “I am surprised that I can still ride at my own Supercross track. The weather has been really great!” John went on to say, “I was outside last Wednesday in a t-shirt all day, it was about 70 degrees.” Then on Sunday he was out shoveling snow.


John did let VRM know about his new cross training techniques. “Yea after a long 40 minute moto I like to go out and shovel 4 or 5 driveways, it really keeps me in shape.” It’s this cross training that keeps John in such great shape.


On the subject of Christmas, John said he still had some gifts to buy yet. “I still have to get presents for Trish and gifts for the kids to give to their Mom.” VRM asked if his son Ryan had a MX bike yet, “I got him a KTM 50 this summer. He really took to it. But then I had to remove the muffler baffle in the bike to make it faster. He even rides on my Supercross track!” “He rolls everything but he really enjoys it.”



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