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John's Quick Notes Prior to Budds Creek


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Well it is Budds Creek race time again and the track is spectacular! They brought in some more dirt and some sawdust and it's good. It does look like we will be getting some rain, oh well. Kawasaki and I are trying some different things with the bike. We are testing a different pipe and a different front tire, a 20. The front tire is something Jeremy and I were playing with and we wanted to try a 20 and a 21 back to back on the same track. We will make a race time decision on what tire I will use.  

My physical condition is not at 100 %, but defiantly feel better than last week. It was really strange feeling last week, I was tired, kind of sweaty all the time just a weird feeling. I feel a little more normal hopefully I can hang in there a little better.

I will be updating my finishes this week so check back soon!

John Dowd



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