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Sickness Gets the Best of John at Southwick 2000


Recapped By: Robbie, Watts


Things didn't go very well this last weekend especially after winning the pre-race at Southwick the week prior.  Being able to beat David Vullimen was a good confidence builder prior to the AMA National race at Southwick.

It was a rough day because the temperature was 90 degrees and it was really humid.  That kind of condition usually doesn't bother me, but I was sick all week.  I think it's the same thing I had in Daytona.  This makes for the third time I've felt like this in year 2000.  

Trish (John's wife) is making a doctor's appointment for me.  Ricky Carmichael's trainer seems to think my iron is low.  Currently I'm losing weight and have really low energy, which isn't good for living besides racing. 

I'll be heading down to Jolly Roger Race Track for Bevo Forti of Scott Goggles.  It will just be a personal appearance, but it's not exactly what I want to do feeling this way.  The track is only about two hours from my house so I'll gladly do it for Bevo.


Talk to you after Budds Creek,


John Dowd



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