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DCS Financial Group Signs John Dowd




Exclusive semi-retirement race deal

Malden, Ma. - June 05, 2007 -- Former 125 West Supercross, and current defending AMA Maxxis Endurocross Champion John Dowd, will come out of retirement once again to prove that fountains of youth do exist in Western Massachusetts. Dowd, the 41 year old New England legend and all around fan favorite, will try and repeat his 2005 podium success this weekend at Round 3 of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Series. Round 3 is scheduled to take place June 9th and 10th at Motocross 338 in Southwick, Massachusetts. The infamously fast and rough MX 338 race track is known for its edge-of-your-seat racing action.  Sixty mile per hour, 4th gear wide open, side-to-side swapping is the norm every lap at Southwick. Long time mechanic to the stars Kenny Germain is prepping Johnís DCS Financial Group/Coastline Motorsports Suzuki RM-Z450, ensuring Johnís Factory Connection suspension is completely dialed for the choppy sand track.

DCS Financial Group President Dave Smith had this to say, ĒWe are very excited to have John on our race team. Like everyone else in the racing community we are in awe of the fact that a 40-year-old guy can race part time and still run top five at a national in the premier 450 Motocross class. The guys a complete savage if you think about it. Every year a few factory riders learn first hand that Dowdyís still fast when he dusts them at MX-338. From a business standpoint, John makes a lot of sense because we are a financial services company. Ultimately the 30 Ė 50 year old vet riders are the ones more apt to be thinking about retirement savings, or their childrenís college education planning. Not to mention, we expect that Johnís fans at 55+ retirement communities everywhere will be tuning in to Johnís races on closed circuit TV. (Nah just kidding, but I had to punk him out a little bit. A few weeks ago at Southwick we talked trash about whether he could lap me or not. Needless to say, as if lapping me wasnít enough, he took his hand off the bar in an effort to biff me off the helmet as he went by.) Thatís the kind of rider we want, someone who likes to have fun with the sport.

Our niche is that we market to gear-heads, adrenaline junkies, and basically anyone who enjoys life and has fun. I can assure you that we arenít your typical Wall Street advisors at DCS. If youíre looking for some uptight advisor in a suit who wears a bow-tie and talks over your head, you may want to look elsewhere.Ē DCS Financial Group is a full service independent financial services firm offering everything from IRAís to Life Insurance. In addition to Dowd, DCS Financial Group sponsors local New England pros Josh Jones, Jason and Matt Boron, and top national amateur prospect Jimmy DeCotis. For more information on the company or race team, check them out at www.dcsfinancialgroup.com.



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