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Training & Happenings Prior to Mt. Morris


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Everything is going great. I am back home, and I will be racing on tracks that I am more comfortable with and my back is getting better. What could be better? I apologies for not updating this earlier but I forgot my cell phone in the rental car in Sacramento. Now I have it back and will be updating the site on schedule once again.

Like I said before it is good being home. When Trish and I returned home there were boxes upon boxes from California. We still have not put them all away. Trish should have that done this week. 

My riding is going really well. My back does not bother me as much anymore. I did get out to practice twice this week. I was able to
do my 30 minute motos but I still have to pick up my pace if I am going to compete for those top podium positions. I am flying out
Saturday mourning for Mt. Morris, PA. Practice is at 4:00pm on Saturday. Jeremy is getting the bike prepared. We are setting the
suspension up harder and harder every weekend. We went softer to try and easy the pain in my back. Now that is not as big of a factor as it used to be we decided to set it harder. I am starting to ride faster now, not just trying to get points. I am not at the point
where I am going to let it all hang out, but I will be pushing it a little more. 

It is good to be back east where there is some sand to ride on. This is my favorite kind of soil to ride on. After Mt. Morris the Nationals take a week off, not me. I am going to ride a local race at Southwick. I want to get some more track time in and what would be a better place? I am continuing to train hard and I will be back 100% soon.

John Dowd



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