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Looking for to Traveling Home


Recapped By: Doug Hein


This week I practiced on Wednesday and Thursday. I did go for more shots this week also. These shot are meant to promote healing. They increased the dosage and the number of shots. What happens is that is the shots mimic trauma so that more blood will flow to bone. The next day my back is really sore, almost as bad as when I hurt it the first time. My practice this week was good. I did one thirty-minute moto and two fifteen-minute motos and I felt good. I am icing it down and then putting heat on it. This seams to help ease the pain. After this race, my family and I are flying back home. HOME SWEAT HOME! There is no place like home. I love being home. It is so much easier on my family. Then after Mt. Morris I can take some more time off and rest my back.  Everyday it gets stronger and I feel that it should be healed in a couple off weeks. 

John Dowd



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