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John Dowd on His Rehab


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Well by now you have heard of my unfortunate crash. I was feeling really good during the practice session. My lap times were good and Ricky and I were going at it pretty hard. 

My therapy is going well. It is kind of a two steps forward, take two steps back thing. One day I will feel good the next no so good.  Trish found out about this magnetic procedure and I am trying it. It still is too early to tell if it helps. I am trying anything to help it heal. 

Today May 3, I am mountain biking in the morning and weight training in the afternoon.  Look for me to be back for Glen Helen.

On a another note, This weekend I will be at Las Vegas. Trish and I are attending the PACE banquet on Sunday. We still have to do
some shopping this afternoon for a dress and a suit. I have a monkey suit, but it is a couple of years old. What do you think about a plaid one? 

Come back again to see how my rehabilitation is coming.  I will also be starting a FREE giveaways contest for Autographed Jerseys and Posters.

John Dowd


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