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John Dowd On the Marti Grad Race


Recapped By: Robbie, Watts


Well, for the main I got a really bad start. I think I was in eighth or ninth after the first turn. The first several laps went really good and I feel like the whole race went good. The track was very hard packed and had loose chunks on top which made it very slippery. All of the obstacles seemed pretty easy except for one section. The layout was very tight too. The lap times were right around 50 seconds. 

Right now we are building a new house and the plans are about 80% finished. The driveway is so long we have to literally build a road. We even have to name it. (Hey John, what about John Dowd Way, Trish Avenue or Ryan Drive???)

I will be staying in California this week to test for the outdoor season. We will be at the motocross compound from Tuesday
through Thursday. I might race at Carlsbad on Saturday.


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